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AllBank Finance Limited is equipped with investor grievance redressal mechanism. Any complaint / grievance will be addressed by the investor grievance cell of the company. For the purpose of lodging any complaint investor is requested to mail his/her complaint at:


Alternatively, complaint may be posted to:

Compliance Officer
Allbank Finance limited
Allahabad Building (2nd Floor)
37 B.S. Marg, Fort
Mumbai – 400 023

Investor who wishes to lodge any complaint / grievance is requested to fill in the details of the complaint as per the proforma given below. Investor is however requested to be specific and to the point while lodging the complaint.

Name of Complainant :
Forwarded by :
(Self / Exchange / SEBI / others (specify)
Address Details :
E-mail ID :
Name of the company to which complaint pertains :
Complaint in brief :
( Fill in separate Sheet , if necessary)


Complaint Number : __________________________________________________________________

Date of receipt by the cell : __________________________________________________________

Date of Redressal : ___________________________________________________________________

Date of Reference by ABFL to : ( Other than the complainant ,if any)___________________



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